Oil tempered high carbon spring wire
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One-stop distributor of spring wire

CSW Spring Wire Corporation has grown up to an outstanding manufacturer of quality spring wires in China. Since its foundation in 1998, the goal of win-win cooperation is always our final goal. We believe that high quality, considerable service and the most competitive price will bring us increasing customers. And it has been proven right during these years practices. We will continue to provide first class wires to all spring manufacturers.

    Why choose CSW spring wire corporation?
  • First, high quality raw material ensures first-class
    CSW has built solid relationships with China’s famous steel works, including Shougang Group, and Bao Steel. Raw materials from large enterprises guarantee the spring quality.
  • Second, professional engineers and skilled workers.
    Spring is an important element of all industries. Compression spring, tension spring, torsion spring and other special springs are manufactured as customers’ requirements. Round and flat shapes can be provided. Special shapes can be customized.
  • Third, diverse spring wires are available.
    Stainless steel T302, T316, music wire, chromium silicon as well as Inconel 600 are provided to satisfy different applications.
Compression springs manufactured by stainless steel, music spring wire, etc.
                                                 Compression Springs